Subject Science & Technology
101. Which of the following device doesn’t use scanning as a first step in its working principle?
(a) plotter
(b) ORC
(c) MICR
(d) Bar Code Reader
Ans. c
102. In a flowchart, a diamond generally stands for
(a) Start/End
(b) Decision
(c) Processing
(d) Input/Output
Ans. d
103. The file extension, EXE generally refers to what kind of file?
(a) Excel file
(b) Audio file
(c) Executable file
(d) MS Excess file
Ans. c
104. In an email address “aaa@bbb.ccc”, portion “bbb” indicates?
(a) Domain name
(b) TPC/IP
(c) Domain type
(d) Protocol name
Ans. a
105. The type of internet connection might be compared to a regular telephone call, in term of its duration:
(a) Baseband
(b) Broadband
(c) Dial up
(d) Satellite
Ans. c
106. What does the term SCSI stands for
(a) Small Computer Software Interface
(b) Small Computer System Interface
(c) Small Computer Storage Interface
(d) Small Computer Standard Interface
Ans. b
107. Which must do to return compressed files to their original state
(a) Extract
(b) Archive
(c) Zip
(d) Delete
Ans. a
108. The term dot per inch (dpi) refers to
(a) Speed
(b) Resolution
(c) Output
(d) Colors
Ans. b
Choose the right phrase or word that best complete the sentences.
109. The function of Gateway is -
(a) to connect two dissimilar networks
(b) to connect two similar networks at
(c) to connect two computer in a LAN
(d) to connect a printer within a LAN
Ans. c
110. 1 byte means
(a) 10 bits:
(b) 32 bits
(c) 16 bits
(d) 8 bits
Ans. d
111. The ASCII code of 'A' is –
(a) 60
(b) 80
(c) 65
(d) 100
Ans. c
112. URL means
(a) Uniform Resource Locator
(b) University Resource Library
(c) Uniform Research Locator
(d) Universal Research Location
Ans. a
113. The size of internet Protocol (lP) address is
(a) 8 bits
(b) 16 bits
(c) 32 bits
(d) 64 bits
Ans. c
114. RAM is
(a) Non-volatile
(b) Secondary storage
(c) Permanent storage
(d) Volatile
Ans. d
115. Which one of the followings is not an application software
(a) Java
(b) MS Word
(c) MS- Excel
(d) Accounting Package
Ans. a
116. The OSI model has
(a) 7 Layers
(b) 5 Layers
(c) 9 Layers
(d) 8 Layers
Ans. a
117. A record is a
(a) collection of bits
(b) collections of fields
(c) collection of bytes
(d) collection of files
Ans. b
118. SQL means
(a) Standard Query Learning
(b) Structured Question Language
(c) Structured Query Language
(d) Suitable Query Language
Ans. c
119. OMR means
(a) Optical Mark Recognition
(b) Original Mark recognition
(c) Only Mark Reading
(d) Optical Media Reading
Ans. a
120. Firmware is built using
(a) RAM
(b) Video Memory
(c) Cache memory
(d) ROM
Ans. d
121. Control Unit
(a) Performs mathematical operations
(b) Performs logical operations
(c) Directs the movement of electrical signals
(d) Performs comparisons of numbers
Ans. c
122. Flash memory is
(a) Non-removable
(b) Non-volatile
(c) Non-portable
(d) Volatile
Ans. b
123. The most frequently used instructions are kept in the
(a) ROM
(b) cache memory
(c) RAM
(d) CD
Ans. a
124. PCMCIA represents a standard for
(a) Desktop computer
(b) Main frame
(c) Minicomputer
(d) Notebook
Ans. d
125. The size of a sector in hard disk is
(a) 5l2bytes
(b) 64bytes
(c) 510 bytes
(d) 1000 bytes
Ans. a