Subject English
1. If a part of speech or writing breaks the theme, it is called -
(a) pomposity
(b) digression
(c) exaggeration
(d) anti-climax
Ans. d
2. The expression 'take into account' means -
(a) count numbers
(b) consider
(c) think seriously
(d) assess
Ans. b
3. "Call to mind" means -
(a) fantasize
(b) attend
(c) remember
(d) request
Ans. c
4. "Pass away" means
(a) disappear
(b) die
(c) erase
(d) fall
Ans. b
5. Pick the word that is synonymous with 'authoritarian'
(a) autocratic
(b) senior
(c) elderly
(d) potential
Ans. a
6. The word "permissive" implies
(a) humble
(b) law-abiding
(c) liberal
(d) submissive
Ans. c
7. Each of the sons followed _____ father's trade.
(a) their
(b) her
(c) his
(d) whose
Ans. c
8. ‘Subject - Verb Agreement’ refers to –
(a) person only
(b) number, person and gender
(c) number and person
(d) number only
Ans. c
9. The only error in the sentence, ‘One of the recommendation made by the committee was accepted by the authorities’ is –
(a) recommendation
(b) was
(c) accepted by
(d) committee
Ans. a
10. ‘The French’ refers to –
(a) The French people
(b) the French Language
(c) the French manners
(d) the French society
Ans. a
11. If a person cannot stop taking drugs, he is –
(a) attached to them
(b) committed to them
(c) addicted to them
(d) devoted to them
Ans. c
12. The word ‘officialese’ means
(a) plural number of official
(b) language used in offices
(c) plural number of offices
(d) vague expressions
Ans. b
13. Choose the best translation of ‘কর্তৃপক্ষ তাকে তিরস্কার করল’ from the alternative below -
(a) The authorities criticised him
(b) The authorities took him to book
(c) The authorities took him to task
(d) The authorities gave reins to him
Ans. c
14. ‘Such claim needs to be tested empirically’ means –
(a) The test should be based on experience
(b) The test should be based on idea
(c) The test should be based on assumption
(d) The test should be based on calculation
Ans. a
15. The idiom ‘put up with’ means –
(a) stay together
(b) tolerate
(c) keep trust
(d) protect
Ans. b
16. In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to –
(a) driving a car
(b) when one drives a car
(c) driving of a car
(d) when we drive a car
Ans. c
17. Pick appropriate preposition for the following sentence :-
Noureen will discuss the issue with Nair _____ phone.
(a) in
(b) over
(c) by
(d) on
Ans. b
18. Put appropriate preposition for the sentence below: –
Some writers sink _____ oblivion in course of time.
(a) on
(b) from
(c) under
(d) into
Ans. d
Chose the correct synonym for –
19. “Extempore”
(a) Planned
(b) Improvise
(c) Impromptu
(d) Immediate
Ans. c
20. “Menacing”
(a) Encouraging
(b) Alarming
(c) Promising
(d) Auspicious
Ans. b
Choose the correct antonym for –
21. “Oblige”
(a) Bind
(b) Require
(c) Bother
(d) Censure
Ans. d
22. “Cynical”
(a) Pessimistic
(b) Gullible
(c) Equivocal
(d) Liberal
Ans. d
23. “We were no more surprised than Rahman.”
(a) We were less surprised than Ranman
(b) We were all surprised
(c) Rahman was less surprised than us
(d) We were as surprised as Rahman
Ans. d
24. “Not once has our neighbour invited us into his house.”
(a) Our neighbour has invited us into his house not once but many times.
(b) neighbour has never invited us into his house
(c) Occasionally our neighbour has invited us into his house
(d) Our neighbour has not always invited us into his house
Ans. b
Choose a suitable word/phrase to fill in the blanks of the given sentences:
25. Travellers _____ their reservation well in advance if they want to visit the St. Martins island.
(a) had better to get
(b) had to better get
(c) had better get
(d) had better got
Ans. c