Subject English
Read the following passage and answer question.
Rumour is the most primitive way of spreading stories--- by passing them on form mouth to mouth. But civilized countries in normal time have better sources of news than rumour. They have radio, television and newspapers. In times of stress and confusion, however, rumour emerges and becomes rife. At such time different kinds of news are in competition: the press, television and radio versus the grape vine. Especially the rumours spread when war requires censorship on many important matters. The customary news sources no longer give out enough information. Since the people cannot learn through legitimate channels all that they are anxious to learn, they pick up news whenever they can and when this happens, rumour thrives. Rumours are often repeated even by those who do not believe the tales. There is a fascination about them. The reason is that the cleverly designed rumour gives expression to something deep in the hearts of the victims-the fears, suspicions, forbidden hopes, or daydreams which they hesitate to voice directly. Pessimistic rumours about defeat and disaster show that the people who repeat them are worried and anxious. Optimistic rumours about record production or peace soon coming paint to complacency or confidence and often to overconfidence.
201. The author states that during war time the regular sources of news present only –
optimistic reports
pessimistic reports
limited information
government propaganda
202. Which of the following best describes the author’s personal attitude towards rumour?
Excited enthusiasm
Morbid curiosity
Acute indignation
Philosophical interest
203. The word 'Euphemism’ means-
stating one thing like another
description of a disagreeable thing by an agreeable name
contrast of words is made in the same sentence
a statement is emphatic by overstatement
204. Many companies now have employee assistance programs that enable employees, fee of charge, to improve their physical fitness, reduce stress, and learn ways to stop smoking. These programs increase worker productivity, reduce absenteeism and lessen insurance costs for employee health care. Therefore, these program benefit the company as well as employee.
Which of the following, is true, most significantly strengthens the conclusion above?
Physical fitness programs are often the most popular services offered to employees.
Studies have shown that training in stress management is not effective for many people.
Regular exercise reduce people risk of heart disease and provides them with increased energy
Employee assistance programmes require companies to hire people to supervise the various
205. Choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the following sentence.
‘Despite the great difference in size, shape and function, all human cells have the same 46 chromosomes.
All human cells same because the 46 chromosomes govern size, shape and function.
Difference in size, shape and function are not very great because all human cells have the same 46 chromosomes.
The size, shape and function of human cells are the same, but the 46 chromosomes are different.
Although the 46 chromosomes are the same in all human cells, there are difference in the size, shape and function.
Questions refers to the following passage:
Throughout history, the search for salt has played an important role in society. Where it was scarce, salt was traded ounce for ounce with gold. Rome’s major highway was called the via salaria, that is the Salt road. Along the road, Roman soldiers transported salt crystals from the salt flats at Ostia up the Tiber River. I return they received a salarium or salary, which was literally money paid to soldiers to buy salt. The old saying ‘worth their salt’ which means to be valuable derives form the custom of payment during the Empire.
206. What does the passage mainly discuss?
The old saying, “worth their salt”
The Roman Empire
Ancient Trade
207. According to the passage salt flats were located in –
208. Salarium is a Latin word that means –
the Salt Road
209. If a man is “Worth his salt” he is –
a soldier
a thirsty
available employee
a highly paid worker
210. Almost everyone fails _____ on the first try.
in passing his driver's test
to his driver's test
to have passed his driver's test
passing his driver's test
212. Travelers ___ their reservations well in advance if they want to fly during the Eid Holidays
had better to get
had to get batter
had better got
had better get
213. All the people at the NAME conference are –
Mathematics teachers
Mathematics teacher
Mathematic’s teachers
Mathematic teacher
214. 'Razzmatazz' means -
A musical instrument
A well planned program
A nosiy activity
A musical drama
215. 'To read between the lines' means -
To read carefully
To read only some lines
To quickly to save time
To read carefully to find out any hidden meaning
216. Which of the following ages in liierary history is the lastest?
The augustan Age
The Victorian Age
The Georgian
The Restoration Age
217. The first English dictonary was completed by -
Iazak Walton
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Butler
Sir Thomas Browne
218. The invention of computer has turned over a new leaf in the history of modern technology. Which of the following is nearly the same in meaning to the italicized idiom above?
created a new history
began a new civilization
opened a new chapter
created a sensation
219. The condition of most slum dwellers is so miserable that is cannot be described in words. Which is the best phrase of the underline expression above?
beggars description
cuts of the quick
boils down to his
keeps open house
220. ‘Paradise Lost’ attempted to –
Justify the ways of man to God
Justify the ways of God to man
Show that the Satan and God have equal power
Explain why good and evil are necessary
221. What is the meaning of ‘soft soap
Flattery for self motives
To speak ill of other
To speak high of other
To recognizes other’s good deeds
222. What is the full name of the great American short story writer O’Henry?
Walt Whitman
William Sydney Porter
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Mark Twain
223. Who is the author of 'Animal Farm'?
Thomas More
George Orwell
Boris Pasternak
Charles Dickens
224. Who is the author of 'India Wins Freedom'?
Mahtama Gandhi
J. L. Nehru
Abul Kalam Azad
Moulana Akram Khan
225. What is the meaning of 'White elephant'?
An elephant of white colour
A black marketer
A very costly or troublesome possession
A hoarder
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